Un-Attended Direct Cremation

£1,295.00 - All inclusive.


Where a funeral service is not required, a Direct Cremation is a cheaper option to a traditional funeral service. Those who choose a Direct Cremation will receive exactly the same professional, dignified and high-quality care that we offer all our families but without an actual funeral service.

Our all-Inclusive price for Direct Cremation includes the transfer of your loved one into our care, any time of day or night. All arrangements and doctor’s fees, preparation of your loved one, and supply of a simple coffin which is suitable for cremation.

Provision of your loved one to the crematorium and all crematorium fees are included. We will deliver your loved ones’ ashes to your home at a time that is convenient to you, or we can arrange scattering of the ashes within the crematorium’s Garden of Remembrance.

£1,295.00 – All inclusive.