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When a loved one passes away, every family goes through its own set of challenges. We feel it is our responsibility to listen and comprehend the needs of each family so that they and their loved ones receive the care and burial they deserve. It’s an honour for us to be able to assist you during this trying time.

We’re typically the first person people contact when a death occurs. And everything we do at Bespoke Funeral Care is dedicated to assisting loved ones during their most trying period. Our staff is committed to providing exceptional care for your family and ensuring that your needs and preferences are met in every decision we make.

We provide the finest funeral service possible, regardless of how complicated or simple you want your loved one’s funeral to be. Our highly-experienced team treats everyone in our care as if they were a member of our own family, whether it’s a basic wicker coffin or a bespoke US-style coffin.

Our Funeral Directors

Pre-Paid Funerals in Ilkeston

We offer a variety of pre-paid funerals to our clients at Bespoke Funeral Care. This relieves the burden of funeral planning for many individuals.

We provide a selection of packages to cater to all budgets, from the simplest cremation to full pomp and ceremony, including limousine hire and flowers. This allows you to plan your funeral so there are no last-minute concerns or decisions to make.

We’d be more than happy to talk about your requirements and create a package that works best for you.

Funerals In Ilkeston

We provide both unattended and attended funerals here at Bespoke Funeral Care, depending on whether a service is required by the family. We offer three funeral packages to choose from, as well as a bespoke funeral that can be tailored to your loved one’s individual needs for an extra unique funeral.

If a service isn’t required, we can also arrange an unattended funeral ceremony. As part of our flat-fee cremations services.

Low Cost Funerals in Ilkeston

If you’re searching for a cheap funeral, our Ilkeston funeral services include a low-cost funeral package. The Serenity Package is a simple funeral for families on a tight budget. A committed and skilled Funeral Director will contact you over the phone or at our facility, and you’ll work out the timing and date of the funeral.

Your family will be able to pay their last respects at the Chapel of Rest. We provide a simple coffin for cremation or burial, as well as a motor hearse and all required bearers and staff for the funeral on the day of the burial or cremation. Families have the option to carry the coffin into the Chapel if desired. During the ceremony, we provide music to be played in the chapel or at the graveside.

Cremations in Ilkeston

We offer an unattended cremation and a cremation for up to six mourners through our direct cremation services in Ilkeston. Families may select a Direct Unattended Cremation when no funeral service is required. This is a less expensive alternative, but you will receive the same high-quality, professional care that we give all of our Ilkeston cremations.

An attended Direct Cremation allows for up to six mourners to pay their last respects and spend a few moments with the coffin in private, in our Chapel of Rest. There is the chance for music to be played in the Chapel, and if you want it, your Funeral Director will offer a brief blessing of the coffin.


Funerals With A Service

We have a team of experienced Funeral arrangers here to support you and your family through the whole process.

Funeral Without A Service

We have a team of experienced Funeral arrangers here to support you and your family through the whole process.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

We have a team of experienced Funeral arrangers here to support you and your family through the whole process.

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