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When a family member passes away, it is a difficult time for all of the family. We believe that it is our responsibility to listen and understand your needs so that you and your loved one receive the best funeral care possible. We see it as an honour for us to be able to be there to help you during this trying time.

A funeral director is usually the first person contacted when a death occurs. Everything we do at Bespoke Funeral Care is dedicated to assisting your family during this most emotional time. We genuinely care for your family, and we make sure that every choice we make is based on what you want and need first.

We give the finest funeral services possible, regardless of how complicated or straightforward you want your loved one’s funeral to be. Whether you choose a basic wicker coffin or a bespoke US-style casket, our highly-experienced funeral directors treat each person in our care as if they were our own family.

Our Funeral Directors

Pre-Paid Funerals in Stapleford

We provide a variety of pre-paid funerals to our clients at Bespoke Funeral Care. This relieves the burden of organising a funeral, giving you peace of mind that when the time comes you will be properly cared for and treated with dignity.

We provide a number of funeral plans that range from the most basic cremation to full pomp and ceremony, including limousine service and flowers. This allows you to plan your funeral in advance, so there is no stress or last-minute decisions.

A pre-paid funeral makes the process of arranging your funeral much easier for your family members once you are gone. We’d be delighted to talk with you more about your requirements and develop a package that fits your needs.

Funerals In Stapleford

Bespoke Funeral Care offers both unattended and attended funerals, depending on whether a service is required by the family. We provide three funeral packages to choose from, as well as bespoke funerals that can be tailored to your loved one’s specific needs for an extra unique funeral.

An unattended funeral service may also be provided if a service isn’t required.

Affordable Funerals in Stapleford

If you want a simple funeral, our Stapleford funeral services include a low-cost funeral package. The Serenity Package is a basic funeral for people on a tight budget.

A dedicated and experienced Funeral Director will contact you over the phone or in our funeral home to arrange everything, including the time and date of the funeral or cremation.

We will dress your loved one in their own clothes if you wish or a bespoke gown if desired. If you want to see your loved one in the Chapel of Rest, feel free to do so. On the day of the funeral, we’ll provide a basic coffin for cremation or burial, as well as a motor hearse and all required bearers and staff. We provide music for use in the chapel during the service or at the graveside ceremony.

Cremations in Stapleford

We provide a direct cremation, which is an unattended cremation or a cremation for up to six people, as part of our Stapleford direct cremation services. Families can choose a Direct Unattended Cremation when they do not require a funeral service. This is a more affordable option, but it nonetheless offers the same professional, dignified, and high-quality care that we give all of our families without the need for an actual funeral ceremony.

Attended direct cremation allows up to six mourners, including the deceased’s family, to say their final farewells and spend a few moments with the coffin in our Chapel of Rest. In the Chapel, there may be music played, and if you like, your Funeral Director will lead a short benediction over the coffin.


Funerals With A Service

We have a team of experienced Funeral arrangers here to support you and your family through the whole process.

Funeral Without A Service

We have a team of experienced Funeral arrangers here to support you and your family through the whole process.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

We have a team of experienced Funeral arrangers here to support you and your family through the whole process.

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